BLOG: 5 Steps for Cleaning Windows the Professional Way

Clean windows are essential to any building, house, apartment or shack. Not only do they make the space feel fresh and clean, it also helps to protect your windows from leaks and permanent stains.

The secret to a streak free window or glass cleaning is using professional squeegees, washers and microfiber cloths (don’t worry they are not expensive).The techniques aren't complicated and the results may surprise you.

Step 1. Get the right tools. You’ll need:

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Step 2. Slippery Soaps.  Surprisingly enough, it’s the ordinary dishwash detergent that works the best and enables the rubber blade to glide. Just 1 squirt into water is all that is needed. At Arrow Hygiene, we have a range of dishwash detergents. The Naturemade Dishwash Liquid is awesome, or if you want something bigger we have a 5L of Unisol Lemon Fresh here.

Step 3. Scrubbing.  Dip the window washer into the soapy water and squeeze off any excess water so that the window washer is not dripping. Scrub the window until the complete window is wet.

Step 4. Drying. Holding your squeegee against the glass starting at the top of the window. With a little bit of downward pressure wipe the squeegee across the glass in a straight line right to the other end all in one movement. Before your next swipe, dry your squeegee with your microfiber cloth to ensure it doesn’t leave a streak with your next pass.

Step 5. The Clean Up. After completely drying the window use your Microfibre cloth to dry the edges. If you have left a streak you will be able to wipe it out with your microfiber cloth with no streaks or smears.

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