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Here at Arrow Hygiene we pride ourselves in having all the products you need for cleaning. With the largest product range and our exceptional friendly, quality service, we will ensure your every need is met. We can ship anywhere in New Zealand and provide great back-up service for any requirement.

Think clean, think Arrow Hygiene and experience our great Kiwi service.


“The team at Arrow Hygiene would always go out of their way to respond to our needs at our various sites and offices around the country in a no fuss, good old fashioned kiwi business way that is increasingly difficult to find.”

Ian Kebbel, Managing Director


“Arrow Hygiene have provided Resene with quality service since 2011. Their extensive range of products enables them to look after all our supply needs throughout the country with ease. Their friendly staff and excellent service makes dealing with Arrow Hygiene a pleasure.”

Ashleigh Evans, National Sales Administrator

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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

How To Easily Clean 5 Hard-To-Reach Places

Cabinet tops and tall furniture, ceilings and moldings, window blinds, heating and air conditioning covers, key board cracks....find out more on some easy tips to clean these hard to reach places.


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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Removing Chewing Gum From Different Surfaces

Chewing gum often finds its way anywhere you don’t want it to be! If you’re struggling with chewing gum removal, the answer to your problem may be simpler than you think! Read more...


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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Fix your ant problem with cucumbers!

The easy and effective way to get rid of ants around your house, without the use of pesticide. A simple fruit can get rid of your ant problem. Read on...



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