Hand Dryer Dual - Dri A266

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Colour: White
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Hand Dryer Dual Dri A266  - White or Silver

Noise suppression technology

The Dual-Dri’s nozzle and aerodynamics technology reduces operating noise by minimizing air turbulences in critical places. Perfect for all restrooms and particularly ideal for those that are more comfortable with lower sound levels.

Lowest running costs

Keep your cost to a minimum with Dual-Dri. Dual-Dri provides you with significantly lower costs than conventional dryers and paper towels.

Clean and hygienic

Touch-free, inlet air filtration, anti-bacterial treated plastics and no soiled paper towel litter. Dual-Dri is the best option for health and well being.

Low impact on the environment

Life Cycle Assessment Studies show that electric hand dryers are a better choice than paper based products on energy usage alone, without considering the environmental impact of the manufacture and disposal of paper.

Dries hands in seconds

Dual-Dri dries hands completely in a matter of seconds blasting high velocity air streams to both sides of your hands simultaneously reducing the dry time by half.


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