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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Yellow sponge refill for mop
Raven Mop-A-Matic Standard Refill
Sale price$6.68 NZD exc GST Sale price$7.68 NZD inc GST
Sponge mop with long steel handle, blue parts and yellow head
Raven Mop-A-Matic Standard Mop
Sale price$23.84 NZD exc GST Sale price$27.42 NZD inc GST
Yellow sponge mop head refill
Raven Mop-A-Matic Senior Refill
Sale price$9.49 NZD exc GST Sale price$10.91 NZD inc GST
Steel mop with red handle parts and yellow flat mop head
Raven Mop-A-Matic Senior Mop Complete
Sale price$29.94 NZD exc GST Sale price$34.43 NZD inc GST

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