BLOG: Why polishing your floor saves you money (+ 6 steps to do it)!!

We all like the look of a new floor, but if we don't take the correct action in caring for them, they'll be old and dirty in no time. Putting 2 or 3 coats of polish on your floor not only protects it, but will save you time and money keeping it clean. Any scuff marks or dirt won’t damage your floor but instead it will just stay on top of the polish and can be easily cleaned off.

Follow the steps below to renew your floor to a beautiful shine.

Step 1.  Dilute your floor stripper to the required dilution (this depends on your floor type) in a bucket. Our Kemsol K-Pro Stripper is excellent for stripping any floor. Using an old mop (you will have to throw it away after), completely wet the floor. Do not let the stripper dry out on the floor. If you're doing a large area, we suggest you do it in small patches.

Step 2.  With your floor totally wet, you now need to scrub the floor. If you can, use a floor polisher machine with a black pad (Black pads are the best for stripping as they're the most coarse, for more information, visit this link) . Ensure the floor is completely scrubbed including the edges and corners that you may need to do by hand with a black scourer pad. If you don't have a machine, that's fine, just use one of our black hand scourer pads instead.

Step 3.  With a mop or ideally a wet vacuum, suck up and remove all the stripper off the floor. If there are still see some marks remaining, just repeat step 2. 

If you're looking for mops, we have a great range available, click here to find out more.

Step 4.  Your floor stripper should now be removed, so grab a clean mop and mop the floor with hot clean water. This will ensure there is absolutely no stripper left on your floor. Leave the floor to dry.

Step 5.  For polishing, we recommend our Kemsol K-Tech Polish for awesome results. To apply the polish, use a flat mop. Pour a small amount of polish on the floor and spread it out over the floor (try to spread the polish as evenly as you can). Try to mop in a forward motion rotating it so the same edge is always at the front edge of the mop. Once the floor is completely sealed, leave it to dry. To get the best looking floors, we recommend you repeat step 5 three times.

Step 6.  Keep you floor looking clean by using a neutral floor cleaner to clean it with. Kemsol K-Clean Floor Cleaner is go to chemical for this. If the floor starts losing its shine over time you can make it look great again easily by polishing it with a floor polisher such as Kemsol K-Buff Floor Maintainer and red pad.   Your floor will now be so easy to keep clean.

If you'd like some more expert advice on how to polish your floors, get in contact with our friendly team at Arrow Hygiene by calling 0800 429 864 or contacting us here.

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