BLOG: Where are germs hiding in your workplace??

Where are germs hiding in your workplace?

Did you know that the average worker takes two sick days off work a year because of dirty phones, keyboards or door handles?

Although our offices or workplaces may seem to be clean and tidy with no visible dirt or grime, there are hidden dangers. Germs. These microscopic organisms that lurk in our personal workspaces, can be costly to your business if not controlled. Although it may seem a waste of time, sufficiently cleaning your office spaces is worth the effort if it prevents an employee becoming unwell. Below are three areas of our workplaces that must be cleaned regularly for a safe and hygienic environment.

1. Computer Keyboards. Computer keyboards are seething with germs and bacteria. Many of us will eat our lunch at our desk, providing food for these organisms, or we often cough or sneeze only to return our hands to the keyboard seconds later to continue working. This direct contact with germs means that you should clean your keyboard several times a week. To do this simply flip your keyboard and lightly tap it, then gently wipe it with a Microfibre Cloth and Unisol Spice Disinfectant.

2. Much like computer keyboards, germs living on phones are predominantly from our mouths and hands. What makes the phone an especially ‘germy’ object is the fact that we may often share this among several workmates. If an employee is unknowingly carrying harmful bacteria, ‘the bug’ can spread through your workplace quickly if not properly contained. The best way to minimize the risk of getting sick from a phone is to wipe it down daily, not just the mouth-piece but the entire phone. Also sanitize your hands often using Purell Hand Sanitizer.

3. Door Handles. Every single person uses a door handle to open a door and thus, they are the perfect place for you to deposit or pick up germs and bacteria. Ensure your door handles are cleaned daily with a disinfectant such as our Unisol Pine Disinfectant. Use a Microfibre Cloth to wipe the handles.


Employee illness could cost your business valuable time and money so by simply cleaning these three ‘dirty’ places in your office, you are minimizing the risk of sick employees and creating a healthy environment to work in.

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