BLOG: Removing Chewing Gum From Different Surfaces

How To Easily Remove Chewing Gum From Different Surfaces

Chewing gum tends to find its way anywhere you don’t want it to be, on walls, floors, windows, doors or even computer screens. While this unpleasant fact is often partly down to kids forgetting how to dispose of gum correctly, the unfortunate truth is that the stuff is so sticky that it will attach itself to anything and everything. If you’re struggling with chewing gum removal the answer to your problem may be simpler than you think; here’s what you need to know about removing chewing gum from carpet, painted walls, and furniture.

The easiest and most common method for removing gum off surfaces is to freeze it off. There are a few different ways this can be done, the first way you can try is to use ice blocks. The other way is to use the Diversey Taski Tapi freeze spray which is specifically designed to freeze and remove gum from any surface. Here are some steps to follow for each option.


Removing Gum with Ice:

  1. Start removing chewing gum from the surface by hardening it. Do this by pressing an ice cube against the gum for a few minutes, the ice cube can be put in a resealable plastic bag first, to make it easier.
  2. Once the gum has hardened, very gently start to erase the gum off the surface. Don’t rush – yanking or tugging could damage the surface, especially carpets or painted walls.
  3. Remove leftover stains with a mixture of warm water and a quality Unisol Tender Care - Laundry Liquid
  4. For leftover stains surfaces such as painted walls, you can use a pencil eraser to gently rub off the stain.
  5. Once the gum has been gently peeled off and the stains removed your surface will be cleaner than ever.


Removing Gum with Diversey Taski Tapi Gum Remover:

  1. Insert the tube into the spray head valve.
  2. Spray directly onto the chewing gum and immediately scrape off using a non-scratching utensil to avoid fibre damage.
  3. Remove frozen pieces with a vacuum cleaner and repeat if necessary.

Through using one of these methods you will be able to remove gum from any surface without damaging or tearing any fibres or fabrics, making your surface cleaner than ever.