BLOG: How To Easily Clean 5 Hard-To-Reach Places

Cabinet Tops and Tall Furniture

An easy way to clean the cabinet tops and tall furniture is to use the Filta Microfibre Extending Duster which extends up to 1.2 metres. This will allow you to reach all the spider webs and dust lingering high above the fans or light fixtures.

Ceilings and Moldings

Spider webs seem to find there way in any nook or cranney! Remove them with ease using the Filta Cobweb Broom. This broom has an extendable handle making it easier for you to reach all those high places hard to reach.

Window Blinds

Remove dust from window blinds easily by using a Raven Synthetic Perfect Duster or to clean both sides of the slats at once, wrap two Microfibre Cloths around each end of a pair of kitchen tongs and secure with a rubber band. Then simply slide the tongs along each slat to wipe away the dust top and bottom. Toss the microfibre cloths in the washing machine and you're done.


Heating and Air Conditioning Covers

How often do you clean out your heater or air conditioning filter? Make sure yours is working efficiently by cleaning the filter with these 2 easy steps. First pull out the filter from your air conditioning, this should just click out, then vacuum the vent using the Floor Tool Dusting Brush Nozzle. This should be done monthly so you'll have cleaner air circulation and your HVAC system won't have to work so hard.

Keyboard Cracks

The nooks and crannies beneath the keys of your computer’s keyboard can be tricky to clean, but a sticky note can help! First, turn your keyboard upside-down and tap on it to dislodge any loose crumbs and dirt. Then turn it back over, and run the sticky end of a sticky note in between the keys to pick up any leftover debris.