VIDEO: Install at the New ABI Rehabilitation Premises

Our team were excited to be involved in the completion of the ABI Rehabilitation Centre's new premises out in Porirua!

By now we'd all be aware that cleaning has never been more important, therefore ABI made sure their new premises has all the equipment and cleaning systems in place to ensure their patients and staff are safe at all times. Arrow Hygiene have enjoyed working together with Diversey NZ on this project to help ABI Rehab provide the safest residential and community-based rehabilitation services for people suffering from traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Over the past month we've installed over dispensers, both for foam soap d and hand towels, for each room. We've also set up the new Diversey J-Fill Dilution Control Dispensing System; a lockable super-concentrate unit, which offers the very best dilution control for large sites like ABI's. In the laundry we installed the Diversey Clax Revoflow Laundry System; a unique system that enhances the washing experience, doing way with virtually all the hazards and inefficiencies of traditional washing systems.

See below a video showcasing the project.


Discover our product range and find out more about the Diversey J-Fill Dilution Control System and the Diversey Clax Revoflow Laundry System below.