BLOG: Why Touch-Point Cleaning is so Important - 5 Questions Answered

Although Covid-19 seems to have settled down in New Zealand we certainly can't rest on our "she'll be right" attitude when it comes to cleaning! The best and most effective way that we can prevent the pandemic from returning or worse another pandemic from forming is to take preventative cleaning measures. This is why we think one of the best and most efficient measures to take is touch point cleaning. So what is touch-point cleaning and why is it so important? We'll explain it all to you in this blog!

What are touch points?

Touch points refer to areas that see high traffic and contact. Things such as, doorknobs, light switches, computer keyboards, mouses, kitchen handles, keys and many other objects are all touch points. This is why it's so important to ensure all touch points around your house, school, business or work areas is cleaned and disinfected properly and often.

Why is it so important to clean touch points?

We touch over 300 surfaces every 30 minutes! So think about the first 30 minutes you arrive at work; everything you touch from the door handle to your computer keyboard has already collected their share of microorganisms. If someone near you is infected then you can imagine how easy it is for the germ to spread through every touch point and ultimately infect everyone touching these surfaces. Therefore to reduce risk of germs or disease spreading and to ensure those around us are safe it's so important to regularly disinfect each touch point!

How to successfully clean each touch point?

To successfully clean each touch point firstly it's a good idea to start with a note pad and identify all the touch points in your building or home. Note them down and have the list handy for when you are cleaning. It's also very important to use strong disinfectants that have been proven to fight germs such as the MedicShield Disinfectant. MedicShield Disinfectant is a hard surface cleaner and sanitiser that has been proven effective to Human Coronavirus and is the best product we know in the industry for effectively disinfecting surfaces. This comes either as a 5 Litre concentrate (which can be easily diluted into spray bottles) or a 500ml Aerosol Can. You could also use Unisol IPA Pre-dosed Wipes, a highly effective formula which contains <70% alcohol, for an easily applicator to wipe down each touch point effectively.


How often to disinfect each touch point?

Possibly one of the biggest questions is how often to disinfect each touch point. This varies depending on the amount of traffic using or touching each surface however we recommend to disinfect as frequently as possible especially in high traffic or common areas. With the pandemic circling the world at the moment the need for more regular and thorough cleaning is obvious! Therefore we think disinfecting touch point areas should be done at least daily if not more for high traffic areas.

What other protective measures can we take?

As well as disinfecting each touch point it's also a good idea to take protective measures not only when cleaning but when touching high traffic surfaces. Firstly it would be important to wear PPE gear, especially gloves and face masks. Secondly, sanitise your hands often to prevent both picking up and spreading any germs that may be lurking around.


Ensure you have all the equipment you need to effectively clean and disinfect each touch point in your work place or home.