BLOG: How To Keep Flies At Bay This Summer (4 Products We Suggest)

The start of summer marks a tidal wave of flies attempting to make their way indoors and ruin your festive season. There are so many theories on how to get rid of them but we think the best and most efficient way is to buy professional and tested products that will guarantee a much more peaceful summer! We've put together 4 of our best products just for you.


1. Raid Flying Insect Killer

Raid Flying Insect Killer is an odourless spray specifically designed for flying insects. It provides fast kill of flies, mosquitoes, moths and fleas when sprayed directly onto the insect. As it is odourless it leaves virtually no smell.

2. Raid Crawling Insect Killer 

Raid One Shot Crawling Insect Killer Aerosol Spray is perfect for all the crawling insects around your premises. It is formulated to kill crawling insects fast and keeps on killing crawling insects for up to 4 weeks. This product is also odourless therefore leaves virtually no smell and provides the long term protection you need.

3. Raid Auto Insect Killer Pack

 Raid Auto Insect Killer Pack is a 100% odourless insect control system that sprays automatically. This is a great option to constantly keep insects away with an automatic spray every 7 minutes. This system lasts for up to 102 days on a 12 hour setting creating a lasting and easy solution to your fly troubles.

4. BV2 Fumigator

The BV2 Fumigator is a smokeless bug bomb formulated to control beetles, fleas, weevils, silverfish, spiders, moths and other crawling and flying insects. It is clean, efficient, and economical and the best solution to give your premises the bug bomb it needs. It's designed to spray continuously until empty to control any insects living around your the area.