Stolzenberg Matrix 900 Sweeper TRS VB

SKU: E2676

Sale price$5,864.58 NZD exc GST Sale price$6,744.27 NZD inc GST


MTX-900-TRS VB is an automated sweeper unit from Stolzenberg. This model comes equipped with an on-board gel cell maintenance free battery which provides power to all brooms and the dust removal unit. This makes it the perfect appliance for cleaning interior carpeted or hard floor areas as well as most exterior surfaces. Dust control is an every present problem at many establishments, the Matix-900 TRS VB will take care of all that plus more! The innovative modular system of Matrix made by Stolzenberg sets new benchmarks that redefine cleaning efficiency.

  • Powered Main and Side Brooms
  • Dust Control System
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 2.5 Hour Run Time

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