Kemsol Lemon Dishwash Liquid

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Kemsol Lemon Dishwash is an 17% solids, med-high foam general purpose detergent, suitable for a wide range of washing applications. Ideal for hand dishwashing, Lemon Dishwash can also be used for hard-surface cleaning, and the handwashing of vehicles and windows. This formulation retains its grease cutting power to the end of the toughest wash-ups. Its high-strength formulation is soft and gentle on hands and ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. The bubbles are long lasting and the formulation has excellent soil suspension characteristics and is free-rinsing to allow quick streak-free drying. MPI APPROVED C32.

5 Litre

[Also available in a 20 Litre and 200 Litre drum - please enquire if interested.]

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