Himesh Vinyl Loop Mat

SKU: VLM7545

Size: Vinyl Loop Mat - 750x450mm
Sale price$27.20 NZD exc GST Sale price$31.28 NZD inc GST


Unique vinyl loop design both with or without backing. Dirt drops into the loops and is hidden, water can freely drain away. The strong vinyl loops can stop up to 70% of walked in grit and dirt. Himesh will continue working in exposed wet location. Non-rotting, non-fraying and does not hold water. Can be used in temperatures from -20°C without deterioration. Slip resistant backing and will not stain your floor. Mat sizes may vary + / - 5%.

  • Ideal for sandy areas, play centres, entrances
  • Traps and hides dirt
  • Surface always stays neat and tidy
  • Easily cleaned by hosing outside
  • Effectively scrapes dirt off shoes
  • Stock sizes have non-trip safety edges
  • Can be cut to custom lengths (please inquire)
  • Available in 2 colours

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