Healthpak Hand Safe Anti Bacterial Towelette

SKU: A6725

Sale price$267.04 NZD exc GST Sale price$307.10 NZD inc GST


HandSafe Sanitizer Towelettes are a 70% alcohol based antiseptic wipe suitable for eliminating bacteria, fungi and most viruses on the surface of the skin. The latest updates recommend using alcohol based rubs as a means of cleaning hands or skin to protect you from influenza. Our anti bacterial wipes are an effective way to also sterilize anything from phones to keyboards, door handles and even toilet seats. These towelettes are individually sealed and are an ideal portable option in any working environment that can be used instantly. No need to carry bottles which can leak or are bulky on your person, these sachets fit into any pocket, wallet or purse and can be used without mess or fuss. Simply open the sachet, remove tissue wipe and clean hands or applicable surface.

Sachet is 60X74mm. The tissue once opened out is 135X170mm


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