Harnessing Natural Bio-Enzymes

A natural, safe and environmentally responsible cleaning solution.

Bio-Fresh products are bio-enzymatic cleaners that contain non-pathogenic microbes. These good microbes produce enzymes that break down soiling, so it can be consumed by the microbes or washed away.

Once the product is evenly distributed across the surface, it can be left to do its job. No need to rinse, saving time and additional water normally used with traditional products.



Let’s talk biology

We need to know a little about microbes to help us understand how they clean.

What are they? Microbes are microorganisms that are present in most of earth’s habitats – including soil, water, dust particles—even the human microbiome (you may have heard about gut health). There are two kinds of microbes: pathogenic (harmful) and “good” microbes, such as probiotics that help with digestion and immunity.

Live microbes produce enzymes, which break down organic waste particles into smaller pieces that microbes can easily consume. These smaller organic particles become “food” for the microbes and once digested are broken down into two basic compounds—carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). 

How do Bio-Enzymatic cleaners work?

Biological cleaning products are live formulations using strains of safe, natural bacteria (microbes) along with specifically selected enzymes. Both bacteria and enzymes work together to clean, relying on each other to get the job done.

When applied to surfaces, soils, stains and malodorus are broken down by the enzymes, then consumed by the bacteria. As long as soil is present and surfaces are sufficiently damp, these microscopic “cleaners” multiply, continuing to remove traces of dirtand odour from surfaces hours or even days after the initial application.

Bio-Fresh cleaners contain over 70 billion of non-pathogenic microbes per litre.

For more information go to http://biofresh.co.nz/.

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