5 common cleaning mistakes you didn't know you were making.

Mistake 1: Using the Same Rag Around the House

Despite spritzing it with a cleaning solution, when you use the same rag in multiple spots when cleaning, the rag hangs on to the grime from the previous surface and spreads it to whichever surface it touches next. That means bathroom germs get wiped onto tables, desks, working benches and anywhere else you may be wiping with the cloth. To prevent this from happening use a new wad of paper towels for each surface you are cleaning or have a microfiber cleaning cloth designated for each area in the building. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be tossed in the laundry or thoroughly washed after each use to remove gunk or grime. get yourself a new rag or cloth today to keep you house tidy. 


Mistake 2: Placing a Toilet Brush Back into Its Holder Immediately

If a toilet brush is put right back into its holder right after use, the moisture and germs from the toilet get trapped in the container and the brush, where they breed and multiply. These germs are then rubbed back into the toilet the next time the brush is used. To fix this after scrubbing, allow the toilet brush to dry completely before returning it to its holder. Find yourself a new toilet brush here.


Mistake 3: Cleaning from the Ground Up


When sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floor before cleaning the tables and beach tops the dust and crumbs continue to fall from the tables, counters, and shelves, requiring you to re-clean the floor. A tip to prevent this is to clean a room from the top down. Start with windows, working down to tables and counters, chairs and couches, side and coffee tables, then ending with the floor.


Mistake 4: Spraying Cleaner Directly onto a Surface
Spraying a cleaner directly onto desks, counter tops or glass can cause a build-up of the solution, leading to greasy furniture and surfaces, and streaky windows. This also could cause dirt and dust to stick to them more firmly. (Did you know lemons are awesome at cleaning?) To avoid this, spray cleaning solution on a microfiber cleaning cloth or disposable paper towel, then wipe down surfaces.


Mistake 5: Dusting with a dry rag

Using a dry rag to dust tables, counter tops, or furniture will just move the dust and dirt around and scratch the surface you are cleaning, spreading germs from one surface to another. To avoid spreading germs use a soft duster or a microfiber cloth when dusting, as it grabs and holds onto the particles.