NEWS: Oaks Hotel - The Latest Edition to Wellington CBD

Arrow Hygiene are very proud to be a part of Wellington's latest accommodation offering! Last Friday, 20th September the 4.5 star Oaks Hotel opened and guests started piling in. This new hotel is in a re-constructed building on Courtney Place - a building that has been transformed from the Ford vehicle assembly plant in 1922 and is now a unique hotel offering views of the beautiful Wellington city. The hotel has stunning views overlooking city with 226 rooms on nine levels, alongside conference facilities, a restaurant and bar, and a fitness gym.

Over the past few months Arrow Hygiene has been hard at work installing dispensers and setting up janitor carts to prepare for the grand opening. The restaurant kitchen was kitted out with all the necessary chemicals needed, from hand soap to grill cleaner, ensuring a safe and easy way to clean the food prep area. 

The cleaners also get a simple and effective dispensing system with concentrates being filtered through a water feed dispensing system which was set up in the cleaners cupboard.

We also had the delight in setting up 16 janitor carts with over fifteen products on it making it everything you could possibly need for cleaning the 226 rooms. 

Two machines were also delivered to the hotel - a Numatic Twintec 14" Battery Scrubber, perfect for scrubbing up the tiles making them look pristine for the guest as they arrive! A Numatic George Wet/Dry Vacuum was also delivered for the easiest clean up option from liquid spills and ...

Overall with numeric trips into the hotel and with the set up all complete this project has been very satisfying and Arrow Hygiene are looking forward to working with Oaks in the future.


To find out more about our chemical dispensing systems or janitor carts feel free to contact us on 0800 429 864 or email, and we would be happy to help!